This wiki contains information from the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP). AVP is also known as Alternative Visions for Peace, Peaceful Pathways and Peaceful Alternatives.

AVP is a worldwide network of groups of volunteers running a series of twenty-hour intensive workshops using group experiential and transformational learning processes to empower people to use nonviolent alternatives in response to conflict.

AVP has run community, prison and school workshops for 30 years in more than 40 countries worldwide. The workshops are suitable for people of any age and any community. The workshops cover the building blocks of Self esteem, Affirmation, Community building, Communication, Cooperation, Conflict resolution, Conflict transformation, and include Restorative practices, Team building and Anger management.

DONATIONS: The AVP International Education Committee has a vision of all AVP facilitators worldwide having access to quality AVP manuals in their language. To assist with the translation and distribution of AVP manuals worldwide please visit the AVP International website - www.avp.international, select Donations, and select the manuals project option when you make your donation.

For further information visit www.avp.international or www.avpusa.org or contact avpsydney@avp.org.au.

Katherine & Malcolm Smith
AVP(NSW) Sydney, Australia